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Queen of sketches by NearoC
Queen of sketches
I mean, dang, once I start coloring my brain turns off on how best I should actually be applying colors.  Also I made the head too tall, but I like how the eyes and sort of the hair came out, another Fari sketch as per usual, forever trying to make a ref I consider decent enough to get accurate fanart, but getting lazy halfway through.

*edit* Reduced the height of head, finally. Still probably not perfect, especially since I just selected the whole top of head and stretched it down, but I think it's a bit of an improvement
NotPlainEnough Doll by NearoC
NotPlainEnough Doll
Part of an art trade with :iconblazingcobalt:

I haven't actually played bloodborne, but I guess she's pretty neat looking. WAY too many needless details though, which is why I decided to make a colored sketch instead of anything more refined. Super mild background practice included even.

My greatest regret is the ant resolution I worked with.
Nori by NearoC
Wait wait wait, am I not able to make subfolders any more, without being a core member? Dang I should've stocked up on those more before. Huh, or maybe it was premium in the first place from when I had one for a little while, beyond me. I guesss I'll make them all normal folders then, or at least Nori's going into a standard folder instead of a sub folder. I like my organization, man.

Anyways, on to the subject at hand: This is Nori, Nori Ito. She's an OC I've had a few months now, since uhhh September, if the original sketch holds any repute. I admittedly haven't fleshed her out a whole ton yet, but the basics are: Her parents are Japanese, but she was born in America and doesn't really speak Japanese well.
She's a trans girl. She's an artist, loves artsy bright clothing, including her favorite hoodie pictured above. (Which would probably have paint splatter design if I wasn't a lazy shit, blobs are cute too though, hey feel free to draw it better wink wink).

I guess she lives somewhere in the vague area as Fari and other OC babies, which is probably some city on the east coast (so hard to pin down) but probably hasn't interacted with any of the other OCs. She's extremely deadpan and disconnected, has a decent humor, but good luck telling if something's a joke or not though. 

And I guess she's probably in her late teens.... maaaybe 18? Maybe 17, something. 

This was originally a super halfassed sketch that I couldn't even be bothered to turn into some proper linework, but I did kinda put excessive effort into the coloring. Plus I hadn't uploaded a public reference of her anywhere before now, so might as well. The original sketch which funnily enough looks better in some ways to me is here:…

Like most of my OCs she'll probably mostly collect dust, but maybe one day I'll make a story, or at least draw her more. Maybe even commission art of her? Hey, if you like her enough to draw I would be estatic too.
Couch by NearoC
Originally this was anatomy practice, then it became ow my hand practice after a couple hours. I.... kinda like some parts of it? Like the hair, color and lines. Better than not drawing anything at all today, anyways. Coloring is such a painnnnnn.
Fari #141612421 by NearoC
Fari #141612421
Just kidding I don't have that kind of artistic motivation to make that many Faris, apparently I had enough to finish this after having the lineart for a few weeks though. Learned how to color lines while making this, so that was cool. 


Artist | Digital Art
United States
I'd love to draw except that means I have to draw

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